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Universal Oven U

Precise drying, heating, ageing, burn-in and hardening in research, science, industry and quality assurance.

Whatever you want to perform: material tests, ageing of computer chips, run complex experiments with highly sensitive loads, drying or tempering electronic components, hardening plastic resin or heating plasticine. The Memmert U universal heating oven / drying oven stands for unparalleled precise, even and gentle temperature control.

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This post is also available in: Persian

UN30     .  UN30plus    . UF30     . UF30plus

UN55      . UF55plus     . UF55     . UF55plus

UN75      . UN75plus     . UF75     . UF75plus

UN110    . UN110plus    . UF110   . UF110plus

UN160    . UN160plus    . UF160   . UF160plus

UN260    . UN260plus    . UF260   . UF260plus

UN450    . UN450plus    . UF450    . UF450plus

UN750    . UN750plus    . UF750    . UF750plus

UF1060   . UF1060plus


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