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Introduction of Dutch Sneijder Labs Company

More than 50 years ago Jaap Snijders started his company in a basement in Rotterdam. There he welded and plated material with chromium for shopping windows. A unique way to leave the workshop was through the window (see photo). The small company got off to a flying start. In no time, his sons were helping with welding, delivery and installation.

The basement workshop became too small, so they had to move to new premises in Tilburg. This was, granted, the former residence of the family Jacob (Jaap) Snijders.

In Tilburg, at Gebr. Sala Street 38, they focused on a new chosen specialty: internal transport systems for the healthcare sector.
A workshop became a factory.
‘Everything on wheels’ for the retirement homes and hospitals: from laundry collectors, and linen cupboard trucks to dishwasher baskets carts and more. They used only plated material with chromium at first, which was supplanted by stainless steel material. Deliveries to sales organisations in the Netherlands and Germany showed a strong upward trend.

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